Jeff Moreau

Jeff Moreau

Jeff Moreau – Manager, Temple Bay Lodge
Eagle River, ON

2025 Flex Sport

Some might think that a multi-species inshore boat would not endure the punishment that an offshore boat goes through, but in some cases it has to be tougher!

Temple Bay Lodge is located in the Canadian shield and every day the boat is put up against the rocky shorelines for shorelunch and Eagle lake also has its share of bad weather. We have four 2025 Flex’s, six 1925 Flex’s, seven 18′ Trio’s, and three 18′ Warrior’s that have stood up to these conditions and more.

The comfort and the ability to work with KingFisher to customize a boat has become the most sought after option to our customers, has made us a leap ahead of others in the industry I have been in this business for 40 years and these are by far the toughest boats on the market today that will take the punishment and still last many years past the competition.