Captain Dale Megie

Captain Dale Megie

Captain Dale Megie – Owner, ReelRumors
Au Gres, MI

2425 Experience HT

Since my early twenties I’ve dreamed of being a charter captain as a full-time occupation. After researching KingFisher for several years there was no second option for me. In January, 2016 my wife and I custom ordered our 2425 KingFisher Experience. This boat has exceeded all my expectations on performance and fishability. Only one year in and my charter business has exploded fishing walleye on the Great Lakes out of Saginaw Bay. I believe that my KingFisher boat is a huge part of my success as clients are on a comfortable fishing platform, they all absolutely love my boat. I would recommend KingFisher Boats to any fisherman. It is amazing how well my boat handles rough water and makes for great fishing in marginal conditions. There have been many weather days we’ve fished that most great lake charters would have certainly cancelled. Thank you, KingFisher, for helping me make my dream job a reality.