What KingFisher owners have to say

Neil Goodwin
3025 Offshore

We've been running KingFisher Boats for 5 years in some of BC's toughest West Coast conditions. They handle great in big water and give our guides and clients peace of mind.

M. Schwartz
2825 Offshore

In 2005, we purchased a 2825 Offshore. We launched from Rupert across Dixon Entrance in 40 mph winds. That boat performed great as we navigated Prince of Wales, Baranof, Chicagof, Admirality, Kuiu, Etolin, and Kupreanof Islands.

Jeff Moreau
2025 Flex Sport

Some might think that a multi-species inshore boat would not endure the punishment that an offshore boat goes through, but in some cases it has to be tougher!

Mike Willems
2025 Flex Tiller

I have been a guide and guide staff manager for almost 30 years in Ontario. As the owner and operator of Silver Water Wheel Lodge, I continue to guide every day. Over the course of my career

Julian Kalka
2025 Flex Tiller XP

Absolutely amazing we love them. I will be buying more and a lot of my guests who own their own rigs are already contemplating in making a switch. Fishing machines for sure and exactly what we need at AML. Thanks for building an awesome product

R. Taylor
1825 Falcon

I just purchased a 1825 Falcon and I just want to say WOW! I've put 21 hours on it in a week. I absolutely love this boat. I've had so many compliments already. The boat really is incredible. Thank you KingFisher

Captain Dale Megie
2425 Experience HT

Since my early twenties I've dreamed of being a charter captain as a full-time occupation. After researching KingFisher for several years there was no second option for me. In January, 2016 my wife and I custom ordered our 2425 KingFisher Experience.

Mark Berry
2425 Experience HT

I purchased a 2425 Kingfisher in 2012 with the 200 Verado outboard and a 15hp merc kicker, I priced out many aluminum boats and Kingfisher was by far the best value.

1825 Falcon

I bought my 1825 Falcon last year and this boat performs amazing. It has been through Alberta and Saskatchewan on multiple lakes and out to the West coast on Vancouver Island. I enjoy the way it drives even in rough water

Capt. Andy Martin
2825 Coastal Express

My 28-foot KingFisher Coastal Express is everything I would ever want for a sportfishing charter boat. The boat looks great, comfortably fishes six people, has plenty of room for gear and our catch, and has a dry, comfortable ride.

Captain Fred Wondergem
2425 Experience HT

For years it was my dream to own and operate a fishing charter. After much research, I made the commitment. In the Spring of 2017 I purchased a Kingfisher 2425 Experience for my fishing charter business on Lake Huron in Grand Bend, Ontario.

Jeff Williamson
1825 Falcon

I have had my new Kingfisher Falcon 1825 for just over a week now...in a word, WOW! This is by far the best handling, best looking boat I have ever driven. I have owned Lunds, Legends, Crestliners, etc but none of them even come close