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Sport Utility Vessel

The history of boating on the British Columbia coast is long-rooted in saltwater fishing and purpose-built angling machines.

From the 18-foot Double Eagle to Whaler skiff to early aluminum, boats were built with jigging and trolling in mind. They were the mainstay of lodge operations and weekend warriors. And today they’ve given rise to a whole new realm of coastal boating: sport utility vehicle.

Crazy how times have changed!

Kingfisher, then Harbercraft, was a pioneer in developing a welded aluminum cuddy cabin cruiser that provided creature camper comforts…and fishability. The second station and ample rear deck proved a solid fishing platform while the interior cabin provided everything from fridge, stove, table, cabinets and sleeping setup. Wow.

Today’s Kingfisher Offshore line has taken the marine Sport Utility Vehicle to the next level.

From kayaks and dinghies to stand-up paddle boards and water toys, the Offshore and GFX are designed as multi-purpose touring rigs with carrying capacity. Whatever the adventure, Kingfisher will get you and the appropriate gear where you need to be!

On a recent Spring family trip to Galiano in the Southern Gulf Islands, we packed camping gear for the kids, mountain bikes, SUPs and a dinghy and outboard. With four days worth of food for teenage boys, our 3025 was packed…but ready-to-go!

Don’t get me wrong, the Kingfisher Offshore and GFX are indisputable fishing machines. But they are also capable of so much more.

With this the summer of vacationing at home, wherever that might be, load up your rig and do something entirely different. Bigger spaces. Fewer faces. Boating adventure!

Tim Milne

Big Coast