KingFisher Boats Expands Production Capacity

Vernon, BC – KingFisher Boats has completed an expansion at the Center of Excellence; including an addition to manufacturing facilities and workforce growth. The expansion allows the company to reinforce its commitment to its dealers and boating community in response to continued demand for its welded sportfishing boats.

“The ultimate goal of this expansion project is to help KingFisher meet the growing needs of those who  seek adventure, love exploring and fishing. Enriching lives by spending time on the water is what we’re all about,” explains Mark Delaney, Director, Sales & Marketing.

“New for 2019 is an addition to our offshore fleet, the 31 foot GFX Offshore. The move to bigger boats is popular as they allow us to add the family features while retaining the core fishing features that are critically important to our buyers”, adds Delaney.

Economic indicators are working in the boating industry’s favour – a stable housing market, strong consumer confidence, growing disposable income and consumer spending, and low interest rates all contribute to a healthy recreational boating market.