Don't Take Our Word For It

Here's what KingFisher owners had to say

We've been running KingFisher Boats for 5 year in some of BC's toughest West Coast conditions. They handle great in big water and give our guides and clients peace of mind. Everything from nicely designed cabin interiors to the fishing cockpit is well thought out and leaves nothing to be desired. If you're looking for a great fishing boat that is both functional and economical to run, you can't go wrong with a KingFisher Offshore series boat.


Vernon Search and Rescue owns and operates a heavy-gauge welded aluminum KingFisher 1875 Extreme Shallow boat powered with the 200 HP Mercury Optimax Sport Jet.

The team is delighted with its outstanding performance including reliability and toughness. It is quick to get on plane and can run in only 4" of water. We do not hesitate to recommend this craft to any law enforcement or search & rescue operation

I recently purchased an Extreme Shallow from Canyon Marine in Idaho. This spring I towed to Prince Rupert, B.C. to bring it home. On the way, I stopped at the Salmon River. I was warned not to go up if the water level was over 15'. I departed with 17' of water and ran 45 miles up the river. Shallow wasn't the challenge. Extreme rapids and white water was a true test of the hull. Needless to say, it was an adrenaline rush but a very successful and rewarding trip.

In 2005, we purchased a 2825 Offshore. We launched from Rupert across Dixon Entrance in 40 mph winds. That boat performed great as we circumnavigated Prince of Wales, Baranof, Chicagof, Admirality, Kuiu, Etolin, and Kupreanof Islands. Many exciting memories for my wife and I in our KingFisher Offshore.

Some might think that a multi-species inshore boat would not endure the punishment that an offshore boat goes through, but in some cases it has to be tougher!

Temple Bay Lodge is located in the Canadian shield and every day the boat is put up against the rocky shorelines for shorelunch and Eagle lake also has its share of bad weather. We have four 2025 Flex's, six 1925 Flex's, seven 18' Trio's, and three 18' Warrior's that have stood up to these conditions and more.

The comfort and the ability to work with KingFisher to customize a boat has become the most sought after option to our customers, has made us a leap ahead of others in the industry I have been in this business for 40 years and these are by far the toughest boats on the market today that will take the punishment and still last many years past the competition.

I have been a guide and guide staff manager for almost 30 years in Ontario. As the owner and operator of Silver Water Wheel Lodge, I continue to guide every day. Over the course of my career, I have driven and guided out of dozens of different boats and I can tell you definitively that the Kingfisher 2025 Flex Tiller is by far the best. In fact, I have not found a boat in the same class.

My KingFisher feels big and rides smooth. It flattens out the chop and provides a dry and comfortable ride even on the big water of Lac Seul. The huge casting deck offers plenty of space for two of my guests to cast and the tiller platform gives me the ability to backtroll the tightest contours with precision. I have a rod lock for guests along with a personal rod locker. My entire shorelunch kit fits in one of 3 big storage compartments leaving plenty of space for my guests gear.

I spent 20 years looking for a boat with all of these qualities and features and I finally found it. I love my KingFisher!

Andy Myers Lodge

Absolutely amazing we love them. I will be buying more and a lot of my guests who own their own rigs are already contemplating in making a switch. Fishing machines for sure and exactly what we need at AML. Thanks for building an awesome product.

I just purchased a 1825 Falcon and I just want to say WOW! I've put 21 hours on it in a week. I absolutely love this boat. I've had so many compliments already. The boat really is incredible. Thank you KingFisher

Since my early twenties I've dreamed of being a charter captain as a full-time occupation. After researching KingFisher for several years there was no second option for me. In January, 2016 my wife and I custom ordered our 2425 KingFisher Experience. This boat has exceeded all my expectations on performance and fishability. Only one year in and my charter business has exploded fishing walleye on the Great Lakes out of Saginaw Bay. I believe that my KingFisher boat is a huge part of my success as clients are on a comfortable fishing platform, they all absolutely love my boat. I would recommend KingFisher Boats to any fisherman. It is amazing how well my boat handles rough water and makes for great fishing in marginal conditions. There have been many weather days we've fished that most great lake charters would have certainly cancelled. Thank you, KingFisher, for helping me make my dream job a reality.

I purchased a 2425 Kingfisher in 2012 with the 200 Verado outboard and a 15hp merc kicker, I priced out many aluminum boats and Kingfisher was by far the best value.

Here it is 5 years later and I am still so glad I made this purchase, this 25' boat needs 1 foot of water to operate, still has lots of thrust in forward and reverse with prop level with bottom of boat.

I have had the boat back to the Vernon plant once and was treated like gold. This is a boat for life.

The Mercury Verado gets amazing fuel economy and lots of power.

I highly recommend both the boat and the company. 

I bought my 1825 Falcon last year and this boat performs amazing. It has been through Alberta and Saskatchewan on multiple lakes and out to the West coast on Vancouver Island. I enjoy the way it drives even in rough water it's predictable and stable. It is light enough that I can get it into small lakes but strong enough to handle decent size waves if you get caught out in a storm. I would buy this boat again in a heart beat! 

My 28-foot KingFisher Coastal Express is everything I would ever want for a sportfishing charter boat. The boat looks great, comfortably fishes six people, has plenty of room for gear and our catch, and has a dry, comfortable ride. The Kingfisher's hull quickly gets on plane and cruises efficiently with 150-horsepower engines. The boat is perfectly designed to maximize cabin and deck space. For my business, it is the perfect boat.

For years it was my dream to own and operate a fishing charter.  After much research, I made the commitment.  In the Spring of 2017 I purchased a Kingfisher 2425 Experience for my fishing charter business on Lake Huron in Grand Bend, Ontario.  This vessel has met all my expectations and then some.  It is perfectly suited for multiple downriggers, dipsy rods, a planer mast, and leadcore rods.  Numerous clients have made positive comments concerning the looks and handling my boat.

I would highly recommend KingFisher Boats to any fisherman. This boat handles great in rough waters and is truly a "fishing machine".