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Why is KingFisher Offshore the best selling aluminum sportfishing machine since 1998?

  • Renowned for custom built quality
  • Built for anglers who seek maximum value, safety and performance
  • Combined robust good looks and dynamic handling with a well-appointed comfortable cabin
  • A dynamic vision focused on fishing, comfort, safety and value equally at home trolling the inside passage or cruising up the big coast

A heavy-gauge welded KingFisher built with Pre-Flex® technology is a smart investment. Why?

  • Quicker on plane using less fuel, saving you money every time you go out.
  • No need for routine maintenance, such as re-varnishing or waxing.
  • Lasting almost indefinitely, KingFisher boats have the highest resale value of any type of sportfishing boat.
  • We deliver smiles and years of reliable low maintenance service.
  • KingFisher Offshore dealers are friendly, passionate with strong ethics and integrity.
  • Dealership staff are factory-trained and certified service technicians that truly understand the product.

These days big fish can vary widely offshore. Deep water anglers go where the fish are, near or far. That has made the KingFisher Offshore series very popular and in high demand. A perfect combination of rugged toughness, precise control, built-in fishability and luxurious comfort gives every model its unique presence. The bigger the water, the greater the challenge, the better you get.

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